WWD Annual Meeting

  • The Division Annual Meeting was held at the Division Championships on June 9, 2019
  • Discussed how people hear about local events
  • Discussed Facebook and Instagram page
  • Discussed the Division mailing list
  • Suggestion was made for a division poster to be put up in clubs (we will do that)
  • Also discussed web page, asked for volunteers to revamp the site
  • Next season, we plan the usual mix of events
  • Leon Auriol Open will be at SAS; after this year, Salle Auriol will run it. 
  • JO qualifiers at RCFC after Thanksgiving 
  • BiS at Rain City in January 
  • D2/3 qualifiers at SAS in April
  • Championship in June, location tbd 
  • Regional events 
    • No Bladefest this year, but there will be an event at RCFC in September 
    • Others in Portland
    • 2 SYC
    • 5 RJCC 
    • Many RYCC
    • Others
  • Treasurer – we have money, but less than in the past.  Made $6.28 total at LAO. Made money on the Battle. Smaller events like qualifiers and championships mostly break even. 
  • Slate for officers: same as last year. No challengers.  All officers were re-elected by acclamation. 
    • President – Dan Berke
    • Treasurer – Sylvie Troxel
    • Vice – Alan Geller
    • Vice – Rachel Peterson
    • Vice – Kevin Mar
    • Secretary – Michael Reiter
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Benefit Tournament for Keyon Davoodian

Keyon, a fencer and coach at MTFC, recently suffered a bad fall and had to undergo emergency surgery. MTFC is running a benefit tournament for him on May 25th. Please try to attend to help out a fellow fencer!!

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2019 Battle in Seattle Post Mortem

  • Attendees: Dan, Sylvie, Alan, Kevin, Rachel, Mike
  • Overall the event went well but there was room for improvement
  • We had some referee complaints from fencers that have been discussed and addressed
  • We need more people for armory
  • We had excess shirts; this is likely due to inability to sell online. We need to have credit card capability. We should also consider the tech fabric for next year.
  • We had sufficient grounded strips.
  • We discussed a contest for next years medal / shirt design. Informal talks indicate this will be popular.
  • We discussed declining attendance numbers. We do not have a solid reason for this and we are looking into possible reasons. We want to reverse the trend.
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Division Annual Meeting

  • The Division Annual Meeting was held at the Division Championships on June 10, 2018
  • Division tournaments were generally profitable; we will end the year with about $3200 in the bank..
  • All officers were re-elected
    • President – Dan Berke
    • Treasurer – Sylvie Troxel
    • Vice – Alan Geller
    • Vice – Rachel Peterson
    • Vice – Kevin Mar
    • Secretary – Michael Reiter
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Division Board Meeting August 13, 2018

Attendees: Rachel Peterson, Mike Reiter, Dan Berke, Allan Geller, Sylvie Troxel

  • Web site – worth keeping? Pump up the look? Definitely get the refund form working
  • JO qualifiers – same weekend as a rain city RYC.  Looking to move – possibly weekend after thanksgiving
  • LAO set up on AskFred. Vet events added
  • We need more Leon medals. Wine for supplementary prize. 5 bottles wine, 5 bottles alt beverages.
  • Snacks needed also for 15 people
  • Alan hiring refs.  Dan – Need to look into hotels near SAS.
  • Dan to reach out to Aly for trainer
  • Armory for LAO. Andy or Ken. Alan to get them lined up
  • Need to get More championship trophies – men’s and women’s saber, and 3 weapon need to be replaced.  Action – Mike. $250 / trophy budget
  • Getting more Board representation / input – We will put a notice on the Facebook page for the next meeting for Division members to attend if they want.
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USFA Membership Help

Here’s a handy cheat sheet to help you navigate USA Fencing’s membership system to decide what type of membership you need. Click to get an enlarged view…

Thanks to David Sapery for putting this together!!

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Live Results for the 2018 Battle in Seattle

Results for the veteran events are at http://fencingtime.com/liveResults/VetBattle2018/.

Live results for the ROC events will be at http://fencingtime.com/liveResults/Battle2018/.

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December NAC Results

As usual, December was a productive NAC for Western Washington fencers. This year, having the NAC in Portland made it easier for fencers to attend, increasing the number of participants and leading to a whopping 20 medals for WWD fencers!!

Congratulations to everyone who medaled, and to everyone who participated. Remember, just showing up means you finished ahead of everyone who didn’t come!

Division medalists for the December NAC:

Jan PattersonV70MFGold
Davis CarveyV70MF5th
Mark LundborgVETMS6th
Nicole KlinemeierV40WF8th
Bonnie AherV70WEGold
Anna TellesV60WEBronze
Mark LundborgV50MS6th
Kwangsuk ChungVETMFGold
Monica ExumV50WESilver
Carola SchmidV50WE5th
Monica MorrisonVETWF5th
John VarneyV50MEGold
Toby LeeV40ME7th
Maya OuthredDV2WFSilver
Blanca MarentesV40WS7th
Zsuzsanna KláraDV1WE7th
Sebastian Grathwohl-SearDV2MS7th
Kundry HaberkernDV1WE classification5th
Carola SchmidVETWE6th
Anna TellesVETWE8th

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Pre-qualifiers for 2018 JOs

The following fencers are (unofficially) pre-qualified for this season’s Junior Olympics and so do not need to fence at the divisional qualifier event this Saturday, November 18th, at Rain City Fencing Center.

Note that all fencers are responsible for checking their own qualification. The rules are available at the Junior Olympics event page; scroll down and select the “Eligibility” tab. Both national and regional point lists are available on the USA Fencing site.

EventPrequalified Fencers
JWECatherine Ji
Ketki Ketkar
Helen Kim
JWFGracie Kim
Dolly Lampson
Jessica Lee
Lulu Tang
JWSErin Shea
Abagail Swallow
JMEMark Benack
Matthew Comes
Andrew Lee
JMFBen Lee
Austin Li
Tommy Pak
Shaw Phillips
Wesley Wong
JMSJuan Amezquita
Sebastian Grathwohl-Sear
Gabriel Holmes
CWEKetki Ketkar
Mallika Ketkar
CWFGracie Kim
Jessica Lee
Maya Outhred
Lulu Tang
CMEBrian Li
CMFBen Lee
Tommy PakVanya Ponomarev
CMSSebastian Grathwohl-Sear
Gabriel Holmes
Silas Staten-Lusty

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WWD Post Season Meeting 071717

Attendees: Mike, Rachel, Alan, Sylvie, Dan


  1. Error noted in previous minutes – the Leon Auriol is not a ROC, the SIV Cup is
  2. Season wrap up. No major comments.  The season went reasonably smoothly.
  3. Chase bank needs the Secretary to complete the transfer of account from Joe Hoover to Sylvie Troxel.  It could also be a letter from the Secretary on WWD letterhead.  Joe, Sylvie, and Mike to coordinate.
    1. May also consider switching banks.
    2. Treasurer to investigate electronic payment options
  4. Schedule for next season – sent out previously. No known issues
  5. Starting the process of hiring refs for the LaO. Should be mostly local.
  6. Scoring machines – MTFC is interested in buying surplus devices.  Ours need the saber updates.  2 reels per machine and 4 scoring devices.  Need to check inventory and determine location.  Kael Sherrard is also interested.
    1. Comparable new devices cost an estimated $1400 (scoring machine and reels)
    2. Sale price to be negotiated
  7. Membership renewals for the Board – USFA has restructured this, so now the Professional price is a la carte.  Division will cover the extra cost but not the competitive membership.  Non competitive memberships will also be covered for the board.
  8. Need to replace some of the Division trophies.
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